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How To Stay In Canada Even After Graduation

Staying in Canada after graduating from Canadian Unversity Making a career and good life in Canada is any body’s dream. More so after studying Canada, one is eligible to get a good job and make a decent career. For understanding options of staying in Canada after graduation, stay connected with 22 October 2014, Surrey […]

Migrating to Quebec but Settling in Other Provinces

Quebec Provincial Immigration In Order to beat the rush and to immigrate faster to Canada, Often Immigrants opt for immigration to provinces where no immigrant wishes to land. These provinces have low population, lesser job or business opportunities and poor infrastructure Canadian Government encourages immigration to such provinces. However Immigrants after getting such Provincial Immigration […]

Express Entry to Make Immigration to Canada Easier

Express Immigration Stream Canada Express Entry Immigration system is designed ensure availability of skilled manpower to Canadian businesses as against earlier system of first come first served basis. In this scheme, applicants with job offer or Invitation to apply can immigrate in as less time as six months 23 October 2014, Surrey BC: Indians desirous […]

Online Boutique Devoted to Fair-Trade Artisan Gifts Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign

Sitara Foundation – In a tiny village called Chanchali Linda Singh and Vinay, her Indian-born husband, have been providing behind-the-scenes support to a community rich in talent but poor by first-world standards. Sitara Collections® supports the skilled and time-honored craftsmanship of Indian artists by connecting them with a worldwide market. This relationship is built on […]

Illegal Immigration & the US: A Glimpse At A Few Facts

Deportation of Illegal Immigrants in USA. Nearly 40% of these immigrants who got green cards came from Asia while North America was second with 32% coming from there. In the year 2013, 990,553 people obtained permanent resident status to live legally in US. Nearly 40% of these immigrants who got green cards came from Asia […]

Climatic Conditions Probable to Change Rapidly with Slight Drop in Mercury

New Delhi, Wednesday, October 22 – The intensity of searing heat has dropped a little bit in the past few days. People who faced huge trouble after coming outside their homes are able to do that now for the reason that climatic conditions are much soothing at the present. As October month is heading towards […]

Rights of assessee during survey and raid

Rights of Assessee During Raid Any Tax Paying individual and in some cases, even non tax payer can be subjected to income tax raid and scrutiny. It is important to under stand the rights and duties of assessee during income tax raid or survey 22 October 2014, Chandigarh: Income tax raid or survey makes most […]

Curtail Sweet Intake to Avoid Multiple Health Issues

New Delhi, Wednesday, October 22 – A number of people love to end up their day with a variety of sweets. A bowl of ice-cream, a few bites of favorite pastry or chocolates satisfy their souls. A limit on the intake of sugary products is necessary before it is too late, said a recent study. […]

‘Happy New Year’ Likely to Witness Grand Opening Thanks to Holiday Weekend

New Delhi, Wednesday, October 22 – Nothing could be perfect for the actors, producers, directors and artists than to witness unbelievable opening of their film. The star cast of ‘Happy New Year’ and people behind camera may get a lot of stuffs to be happy about in the upcoming days for the reason that the […]

Diwali to Fall Tomorrow; City Illuminates with Lights, Diyas

New Delhi, Wednesday, October 22 – Diwali, the festival of lights is to fall on Thursday, October 23. All preparations related to security are at top gear at the present. The deployment of additional cops in the national capital has been made to keep an eye on the entire activities going on in the market. […]