Paradise on Earth – Candy King and Dan Allnoch’s Newly Released Anthology Pays Homage to the Magical City of Manzanillo

October 26 10:33 2020

Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico – October 26, 2020 – Dynamic husband/wife duo Candy King and Dan Allnoch have now released their new anthology book, Magical Memories of Manzanillo: Treasured Tales from Paradise Dwellers. Compiling stories shared by people from across the world who have revealed the joy that Manzanillo has to offer, this is a highly immersive book. It is deemed an ideal read for anyone willing to explore other cultures in an authentic manner and in the process, find little corners of paradise here on earth.

Magical Memories of Manzanillo is a compilation from a diverse group of 43 people from all walks of life who have their own unique stories and experiences to share. From best-selling authors to business moguls, some share stories and some share heartfelt poems on what makes Manzanillo beautiful from their own perspective and experience of the city.

Manzanillo offers a more authentic Mexican experience than other resort towns that have seen tourism explode. Manzanillo is:

• the sail fishing capital of the world
• Mexico’s biggest port and home to the Mexican Navy
• lush palm-filled jungles and sandy beaches by the ocean
• a haven for golf, water sports, art and culinary delights
• the highest quality of life for a low cost of living
• where the romantic comedy, 10, was filmed, starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore, became one of 1979’s biggest movies
• most importantly, a real Mexican city

With Candy’s personal tale serving as the book’s Introduction, readers get a firsthand look at what persuaded the couple to permanently shift their residence to Manzanillo. After Candy and her travel agent messed up her vacation reservations, Candy and Dan landed in Manzanillo not knowing what to expect. But the local culture, beauty, and weather made them more than happy they were there. This happy little accident led to them permanently moving to Manzanillo and starting a journey that has created hundreds of comrades.

After landing in Manzanillo, the duo never looked back. They joined the expat community in Manzanillo and also made treasured connections with the locals, learned about the culture, language, and traditions straight from the source, while forming life-long relationships that have shaped their lives into what it is today. Candy King and Dan Allnoch are available for interviews.

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